Slap 1

Here’s a slap line over the chords to the first 8 bars of Autumn Leaves in E minor. Here’s the link to the tab. Slap 1


16th Funk 4

Some A minor funk today. The groove is a straight forward anticipate the one thing but the fill descends an E minor 7 arpeggio then a C major 7 arpeggio. Another way to look at this is its all A minor but the fill descends from the 11th then the 9th.16th Funk 4

16th Funk 3

Check out this groove. Simple G Dominant 7 groove but with a B minor 7 flat 5 arpeggio in the middle and an F Major 7 augmented fill at the end. If you put all those notes next to each other in a scale it would be Lydian Dominant.16th Funk 3