Bass Sessions Online

The how and why of remote sessions

DSC01769.JPGI work regularly with artists, composers, producers and remixers from around the world.

The cost of hiring a session musician added to the cost of studio time and an engineer can be high. Even if you’re working from your own studio, do you really have the skills and equipment to record bass well?

So much music is recorded “in the box” today. If you’re looking to add an organic, human element to your tracks then the groove and feel of a real bass player could really bring your music to life.

How it works

When you need the authentic feel of a real bass player to make your track really groove here’s what you need to do.

Make a rough mix of your track and email it to me as an mp3. I drop this into Logic Pro and record the bass line. I send you back a rough mix with the bass added (I’ll mix the bass quite loud so you can hear whats going on) and you let me know if you like it or if you want anything changing. When you’re happy with my performance you pay my fee with Paypal and I send you the bass audio files which drop into your track.

Use the contact form below to get a quote. Lets bring your music to life today.