Skype Lessons

Do You Want to Be a Better Bass Player?

If you want to improve as a bass player but are struggling to find a direction then Online Bass Guitar lessons are for you.

With so much content available online how do you know where to begin?

One-on-one bass lessons with Bentaro Rifferashi are taylor-made for you based on your goals as a musician.


With an experienced teacher in front of you to see how you’re physically playing the instrument and answer any questions youmay have, as you have them, you will make much quicker progress than by studying  alone.

With over 10 years experience teaching bass guitar in the US, UK, and Austria, as well as online,I will help you develop into the bass player you want to be.

While YouTube videos can be helpful and inspiring, it is often hard to get an answer to a specific question from the comments. With your teacher in front of you watching and listening to you play you will get direct feedback on any struggles you may be having.

Sometimes we all want to be told; practice this stuff to get this result. Helping you develop a practice plan that works with the available time you have and targets your goals is the best way I can help you accelerate your progress with the instrument.

Whether you want to slap super tight funk bass lines or walk and improvise over jazz standards I can help you achieve your goals today.

How it works

You’ll need a computer with a webcam and high speed internet. Its better if the computer is physically connected with an ethernet cable but WiFi can also work. Any sheet music or notes you might need will be sent as a pdf. I may also send audio examples or backing tracks as Mp3s so iTunes or another player will be helpful.


Lessons are €40 per hour. You can of course take a 30 minute lesson for €20 or a 45 minute lessons for €30. Lessons should be paid for before the lesson begins with Paypal.

Getting started

If you’re serious about becoming the best bass player you can be then now is the time to act. Simply email me using the contact form below to schedule a time and date. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and I will ask you a few questions about your musical background and your goals.

Use the contact form below to arrange a time and start achieving your bass playing goals today.